Van Dusen Nutrition®­­ has created and trademarked a new level of care in the treatment of eating disorders. STEP = Supplemental Treatment Based in Experiential and Exposure Programming, is for clients who are stepping down from day or evening treatment or stepping up from outpatient care. It includes outside medical and psychotherapy and internal nutrition counseling, Therapeutic Meal Support® and Therapeutic Movement Support™.

The step down from PHP or IOP is often too steep and leaves clients vulnerable to relapse. Similarly, clients often need more than outpatient care but do not obtain this due to hesitance, inability to manage the schedule or lack of coverage by insurance. STEP™ is designed to offer a more gradual progression down from higher levels of care or up from outpatient care, and is centered in hands-on behavioral work that helps clients build the necessary skills to eat, move and live independent of their eating disorders.

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