Van Dusen Nutrition® is available to consult in a variety of capacities including speaking engagements, workshops and team talks. We work with healthcare practitioners, hospital staff, educators, coaches, athletic teams, students and parents.

The team at Van Dusen Nutrition® is available to present on topics including (but not limited to):

  • ‘Nutrition Counseling Post-Inpatient Treatment for an Eating Disorder’
  • ‘Diets, Eating and Exercise Disorders and their Effect on Metabolism’
  • ‘Disordered Eating in the Athlete – Health Consequences and Treatment Approaches for Adolescents to Adults’
  • ‘Therapeutic Movement Support™ – An Experiential Therapy for Helping Eating Disorder Client Build a Positive Relationship with Exercise’
  • ‘Nutrition Strategies for Achieving Optimal Athletic Performance’
  • ‘Injury Prevention through Adequate Nutrition’
  • ‘Healthy Eating on a College Campus’

Recent Conference Presentations:

  • MEDA, 2019
  • Female Athlete Conference, 2017
  • Academy for Eating Disorders International Conference on Eating Disorders, 2016