Sports Nutrition

Van Dusen Nutrition® works with athletes at the recreational, collegiate, elite, master and Olympic level. We help clients to identify and meet their fuel needs in an effort to enhance energy and optimize performance. Van Dusen Nutrition® works with athletes to prevent or recover from injuries through adequate nourishment so as to remain active in sport. Additionally, we guide and support athletes in weight-centric sports to meet standards within the sport without compromising health or execution.

Areas of Focus

Prevention of InjuryRecovery from InjuryFemale Athlete TriadRelative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)Overtraining Syndrome (OTS)Athletes with disordered eatingAthletes with eating disordersAthletes in weight-centric sportsPerformance Nutrition: Fueling Before Exercise, Fueling During Exercise, Fueling After Exercise, Race/Competition Day Fueling, Hydration, Supplements, GI Issues

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